Using A Storage Unit To Expand Your Personal Library

17 April 2015
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Are you an avid book lover? Is your collection of books getting a little too extensive to fit into your home in an organized manner? The good news is, you can maintain possession of your favorite books by storing them in a self-storage unit. As long as you pack them up properly and choose the right storage facility, your books can remain in perfect condition after several years of storage.

How do you choose a storage facility?

As you probably know your books should never be exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. This means, you need to find a storage facility that is climate-controlled. The climate-controlled setting will prevent page deterioration, binding failure and discoloration of the books. Contact outlets, such as Regency Self Storage, for further assistance.

How do you pack the books?

Before you begin packing your books in boxes, take some time to clean and organize them. You don't want to put dirty books in any old box and leave them in a storage unit for several months or years. Dirt that remains on the books can cause the book to become discolored and the oils from your hands can actually damage the cover of some books.

Create an inventory list of the books that you are packing. This can be done in a simple notebook, or on your computer. As you pack each book, put it in a box and note the box that you put it in. This will help you find the book more easily when you want to read it again.

Invest in quality boxes for your books. For the best results, purchase small acid-free boxes. You don't want to store too many books in one box or it could become too heavy to carry and difficult to find what you need.

Books that are very special to you, or are special editions should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper before boxed. This will ensure optimum protection during their time in storage.

How do you store the books?

Once you have the storage unit and the books boxed up, you must properly put them in the storage unit. One thing that you should never do is put a box of books on a concrete floor. Instead, set a wood pallet on the floor and stack the books on top of it. This will prevent moisture from wicking out of the concrete into the books while being stored.

Moving some of your book collection into storage can help you continue to find, buy and read more wonderful books. Think about this as an option to continue to expand your personal library.