Different Styles Of Brick Paver Patios

13 April 2020
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Brick pavers are a surprisingly versatile material for building a patio. You can get many different effects depending on what bricks you use and how you lay them. What's more, laying a brick paver patio can be a do-it-yourself job. Even if you decide to hire professional bricklayers, you'll have a unique patio.

Below are a few ideas for different styles of brick paver patios.

Mortared Brick

The traditional style of laying brick is with mortar in between the bricks. The mortar shows clear lines between the bricks. It also adds a layer of strength to your patio. Laying bricks with mortar isn't typically a do-it-yourself project unless you have experience. Mortared brick conveys a classic, upscale appearance because of the craftsmanship needed for this method.

Unmortared Brick

The other option for laying brick is to omit the mortar. Instead of the mortar, you see cracks between the bricks. With a proper base underneath, an unmortared brick surface can last as long as a mortared one. What's more, the omission of the mortar makes the surface permeable, which is ideal for areas that get a lot of rain. An unmortared patio will definitely feel more casual.

Red Brick Patio

Brick pavers come in many different colors, but red is the color most people associate with brick. The deep red of brick is very attractive, and it complements different styles. If you lay a red brick patio with mortar, you'll have a formal-looking installation. If you omit the mortar, which makes the project more friendly to do-it-yourself projects, your patio will feel more rustic.

Multi-Colored Brick Patio

Brick can also come in many different colors. In addition to several shades of red, you also see orange, yellow, and tan bricks. Supply houses also offer bricks in shades of gray, as well as pavers with blue, purple, or green undertones. Typically, you purchase these bricks in multiple colors. When you lay your patio with such bricks, you get a unique and creative surface.

Unusual Shaped Pavers Patio

The classic brick paver shape is, of course, rectangular. However, the pavers also come in other shapes such as fan, wave, trihex, and hexagon. You can even find pavers that look like grids. You have fewer lay pattern options with these shapes because they're usually formed to interlock in one manner. However, the unusual shapes make for a distinctive patio surface on their own.

Consider what kind of feel you want to convey with your patio and try one of the above styles.

To learn more, contact a brick pavers supply store.