Different Styles Of Brick Paver Patios

13 April 2020
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Brick pavers are a surprisingly versatile material for building a patio. You can get many different effects depending on what bricks you use and how you lay them. What's more, laying a brick paver patio can be a do-it-yourself job. Even if you decide to hire professional bricklayers, you'll have a unique patio. Below are a few ideas for different styles of brick paver patios. Mortared Brick The traditional style of laying brick is with mortar in between the bricks. Read More 

Four Creative Ideas For Integrating Lights Into Your Landscape

24 January 2020
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Landscape lighting plays a significant role in the curb appeal of any yard. After dark, your lighting choices will be very important. Creative use of light can highlight sections of your lawn while leaving other areas artistically in shadow. While adding and removing bushes, trees, and other large landscaping features can be a significant project, changing lighting is often a much easier task. This ease gives you more freedom to play with ideas, design unique creations, and change your mind later if you decide that a particular approach isn't working. Read More