The Common Masonry Materials Used For Hardscaping Projects

8 May 2023
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While working on hardscaping projects, masonry contractors will typically use an assortment of materials that enable them to do their jobs efficiently. Many of these materials are strong, reliable, and helpful in creating unique hardscape designs for those who want to add an intricate touch to their outdoor spaces. From building a spacious patio for those who enjoy spending plenty of quality time outdoors with their loved ones to constructing garden walls and even installing retaining walls, these contractors couldn't complete projects without the necessary materials.

Bricks in Miscellaneous Colors and Styles

Masonry contractors often use an assortment of bricks when working on hardscaping projects, especially if they're redoing a home's exterior or adding something to an outdoor area, such as a garden wall separating the grass from various planted trees, bushes, and flowers. The bricks come in hundreds of unique colors and styles, including traditional shades of red, gray, and brown, and painted colors that match the specific aesthetic a property owner wishes to achieve with their hardscaping design. As one of the most popular masonry materials, bricks are known for their strength and natural ability to withstand even the most brutal elements.

Small and Large Stones

Aside from bricks, stones are another commonly used masonry material that gets put to good use for outdoor projects. For example, when property owners want to create the perfect outdoor living space, they may need contractors to use an assortment of small and large stones in specific areas, such as along the driveway, around an outdoor pond, and even on both sides of pathways that people may use to get to the front door of the home. It's also fairly common to see stones used for edging. Like bricks, the stones come in many shapes and colors, so property owners can easily achieve and enjoy a customized look.

Cement for Binding Various Materials

As they work with materials like bricks and stones, masonry contractors often need to use cement to bind them. The layer of cement between the stones and bricks acts as an adhesive. It allows these materials to stick perfectly together, resulting in a stunning structure that won't collapse or become damaged due to harsh winds or severe weather.

When masonry contractors complete hardscaping projects, they often use bricks, stones, and cement to create incredible structures for their clients. If you've thought about having some hardscaping done on your property, you can discuss the materials you would like these contractors to use before they bring your project to life. 

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