Feeling Like Being Whimsical? Make An Enchanting Container Fairy Garden

10 April 2015
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Fairy gardens are smaller gardens with miniature plants and accessories, and of course the fairies. It is ideal to create a small fairy garden in a container, as they need to be protected from strong winds and rain. In a container, you can bring it inside your garage, inside your home, under a patio, etc. for protection whenever needed:

Flowers for the Garden

Your local garden center should have miniature flowers along with the other flowers they have. Some perfect small flowers you could choose include:

  • Blue star creeper: This flower is a little taller so it is best used in the back of the garden. It has small blue flowers.
  • Irish moss: Irish moss works well on small mountains or hills that may be in your garden. During the summer months, it displays small white flowers.
  • Brass buttons: This plant works well in the forest if you have woods in your fairy garden. During the summer, it displays small yellow flowers that resemble a button.
  • Baby tears: This plant has no flowers, but the foliage is green and lush, giving the container a look of a fairy forest.
  • Ornamental strawberry: Has small white petals in the spring, and small strawberries that you can eat.

Fairy Garden Houses

Your fairies will need a place to live. Visit a craft store and purchase a tiny house to place in the container. Once you place the house, put some moss over the top of it to make it look more authentic. You can find these houses in a variety of colors, so purchase a color that goes will with your setup, such as with the flowers you use.

Furniture and More

Place some miniature furniture in the container, such as a tiny bench, tiny chairs, etc. Add some tiny bunnies, trees, the actual fairies, tiny mushrooms, etc. This is when you can get very creative. Just think like a fairy and it will come out well.

Purchase tiny stones, bark, and gravel to create paths through the garden. You could also put small rolling hills or mountains in the garden.

If you do not want to put a fairy garden in a container, you can put it in a garden you build in your yard. Just make sure it is in a place where it is well protected, such as under a large tree. Whatever you use, sprinkle some fairy dust (glitter) over the garden that your fairies left behind. To learn more, contact a company like Feeney's.